How I trippled my instagram following in a week

I wanted to see how easy it was for small businesses to grow followers on Instagram without the input of a marketing resource. Aside from my role as a web designer I am a digital artist, I sell limited edition prints and commissions so for this experiment I featured my Instagram around my small business as an artist.

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How do you find the right website designer?

What to look for when hiring a  freelance web designer or freelance graphic designer. A freelance web designer or a freelance graphic designer is a design trained and skilled person who works for themselves and can be hired on their own to work directly for you. This means  that they work for many different client's instead of for one company or agency who in turn works for many different clients. In that respect they are like a small one man business, or sole trader. Some freelancers may work in a team of freelancers making sure they cover a far reaching set of skills.

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Website Build

As with any web design agency, I thoroughly research and use industry recognised products, platforms and frameworks to give what in my view is the best solution to the requirements of my clients. In the last year I have come to believe that platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wordpress are now sophisticated enough interface and administration systems to allow us to work with the pre-built tools and concentrate on design, user experience and keeping the cost down when designing for small businesses.

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Suffolk Skylines

I've got to admit that I carry out my photography on my smart phone. I have an amazing SLR and traditional photographic training, but I found I kept missing the moment by not carrying this unwieldy object around with me. I shrunk down to a ‘pocket’ camera but realistically whose pockets are they meaning... not mine, and I’m not one for a handbag either so there became many moments I missed and wished I hadn't. 

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Why I was drawn to Digital Art

My grandmother is an amazing oil painter, my mother is great at drawing horses (except for their feet), my mother-in-law is an incredible fine artist and my husband is pretty hot too! My aunt went to art school and was a flamboyant painter, punk and new romantic and my other granny had a wonderful 1950’s style of interiors never shy of strong lively colours. As we look back we can usually see what shaped our lives and art has always been around for me. 

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Good Suffolk Food & Drink Website Design

We love our amazingly diverse and entrepreneurial food and drink producers in Suffolk and I'm always trying a new product that comes on to the shelves. We are also fortunate to have two supermarkets - Co-Op and Waitrose in the coastal area that make it their duty to promote and stock local brands. Here are a few sites that I thought reflected the product well, or made me smile.

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Becoming me

A step by step guide to creating my brand.

step 1. What name

Is a name important? I think the importance is in what it stands for, the birth of something that is yours and holds the key to your future. It’s a cross between naming your child and a pet; it has to feel comfortable to you, it has to suit them, it needs to resonate, be fit for purpose and place. It’s good to remember as well that you’ll be answering the phone with that name a considerable amount of times a day - so choose wisely.

Business names usually fall into 3 categories:

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