Looking for a mentor?

I have learnt a lot over 20 years in the web industry; and having been in at the beginning. But there are certain things that if I had had a mentor I could have gained experience faster. If you live in Suffolk and are in the 'what shall I do phase' or just starting out looking for your first job; looking to move back into the industry after a career break or career change then I may be able to help. I have experience as a graphic designer, web designer, creative director, running my own business, hiring staff, internships, event talking, blogging and being a mum in all this.  I offer one to one advice on:

  • Portfolio & CV critiquing
  • Understanding the design /  web / tech industry
  • Hands on experience
  • Getting a job
  • Confidence boosting
  • Skills & learning


Looking for a partner?

If you have a really great product or service but just don't have the cash flow at the moment to take it to the next level of promoting and selling online it is still worth a chat. As in some cases I work as a partner to grow your business without the up front outlay.


Looking for a code club?

I believe in exciting our children young about coding - to look under the bonnet of the apps they are so addicted to. There is a shortage of developers and computer scientists, but this isn't a surprise as children are only given the option to choose computer science as a GCSE subject without ever having tried it out. I offer code club to primary school age children, if you are interested and live in the Suffolk Coastal area please get in touch.Hi,