Let colour sweep across the land and wake up every sky.

Living in Suffolk we enjoy vast skies of vibrant seasonal colour which is reflected in my work of abstract landscapes. 

Abi Fawcus

Artist's STatement

From her studio in a remote WW2 airbase in Suffolk, Abi examines photographs of landscapes - snapshots of nature that in her mind's eye transform into mental impressions to stimulate imagination, abstract memory and a compelling sense of place. Created from original photographs using a unique corruption process to form colour and structure which, when combined with digital and mixed media techniques, imbue the original scene with a hypnotic quality.

About the Art

I am a digital artist exploring the relationship between my work as an interface designer and the natural colour and abstraction of the landscapes around me. Working with photographs I corrupts the digital file to use as a base from which to create the abstract colour and structure of the final pieces that elicit the original landscape.

Also inspired by the idea of data visualisation as an art form using data and coding to allow the weather to influence these pieces giving it a collaborative outcome between nature, technology and human influence; drawing directly from the landscape, both visually and sensorily, the technology used to corrupt the file and my input a little like a curator or choreographer arranging the information.

Abi says

 I was experimenting with a programming language called processing to use for data visualisation and became fascinated with the ability to not only illustrate data in a more digestible way, but also the premise that with all this big data we are collecting and storing how can we turn it into art and give it back to the people, the originators. This thought and excitement about giving data not taking data spilled over into my artistic work and I wondered how I could give back to the landscapes from which I had been taking. 

My current work explores the concept of ‘going full circle’… Nature is all around us and has a profound effect on how we feel - I take pictures of it, turning the pictures into artwork that with colour evokes the original -  But then I go a step further letting nature take control again, in effect 'giving back' to the originator.  So my screen based pieces are influenced in their constant movement by a live weather feed coded to animate and reflect the weather in the leaves, clouds and skies. 

The pieces are limited edition prints, canvases, brushed aluminium and mixed media.
A variety of sizes as well as screen based data animated work. 

About the Artist

Abi's childhood was punctuated by moving every two years due to her father's army commitments and from this stemmed her fascination with new horizons. Studying Graphic Art & Design at Loughborough, UWE Bristol and E'cole des Beaux Arts, Marseille before becoming a digital artist and visual experience designer – splitting my time between art and commercial design and between London and the Suffolk Coast where I lives with her husband, 2 young daughters and dog Midge. 

Abi showcases artworks in solo and group shows, commercial & public events across London and Suffolk, UK with work featured in a variety of publications including World of Interiors. She exhibits 2-3 times a year and also carries out commission based work for private and commercial clients.

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