Becoming me

A step by step guide to creating my brand.

step 1. What name

Is a name important? I think the importance is in what it stands for, the birth of something that is yours and holds the key to your future. It’s a cross between naming your child and a pet; it has to feel comfortable to you, it has to suit them, it needs to resonate, be fit for purpose and place. It’s good to remember as well that you’ll be answering the phone with that name a considerable amount of times a day - so choose wisely.

Business names usually fall into 3 categories:

  • Your name(s) or initials
  • A reflection of  your product or service
  • Something seemingly random but pertinent to you

Can you tell a story about why your company is named as it is. For example if you decided to call it Pigeon expect people to ask you why. A business I once set up was called Phoenix, as the previous incarnation of it burnt down!

This time however I went for number 1) My name. byAbi. Simple.

step 2. Writing a brief

As with any project I wrote myself a creative brief. Asking what my objectives were, brainstorming values, forming a strategy and structure to what was needed. And this is where words become tangible - in repetition or a pattern, a theme or feeling - is it authentic, practical, aspirational, problem solving, empowering, red! Is it like this, does it do that. Basically we are giving it a personality that, like the name, suits it and the logo will become the visual embodiment of that personality.

Design Words

My words materialised as bright, capable, flexible; promoting small businesses, highlighting their idea, astuteness, momentum and passion and publicising this to the world (wide web). Enthusiasm, drive, ability - it felt bold and competent, but creative and innovative - an ignition of ideas, a good fit, able to deliver, skilled graft and a polished finished.

step 3. Concepts


Next I moved into sketching and scribbling, I surrounded myself with related ephemera, created a moodboard on pinterest and my good old fashioned wall - making sure that I was fully immersed in the project to emerge with designs that represent the client (in this case me) brief.

The visual ideas started to take shape - literally. I wanted a strong name but not harsh, led by an enthusiastic intro. So finding and reworking the typeface was important;  softening the edges, aligning the struts and looking at colours. Bright, eye catching, promotional, motivating, visually appealing, engaging an audience, competent, polished with an inner strength, loyal to….

step 4. Values

What had actually taken shape was a cheerleader!

Thank you RSU, you rock

Thank you RSU, you rock

This was backed up by my core values:

Lets face it all those flips and kicks look easy but I can assure you they are not.

Working as a designer at all levels over the last 20 years has given me knowledge and experience that adds assurance to each new project I carry out.

Cheerleaders do it for themselves. There’s no hierarchy of managers.

What can I say - I'm organised, I get stuff done, it's very useful.

That visual appeal doesn't go unnoticed.

I am not talking about myself here, but the personality of my brand, and the work I carry out strives to be desirable to its audience promoting better engagement and loyalty.

The point of a cheerleader of course is to warm up the audience and promote their team.

The point of hiring me is to promote your business and connect with your audience.

Cheerleaders certainly put on a good performance, that hard graft pays off.

My objective is to make a difference to the performance of your business through the creative work I carry out.

step 5 - final logo

The strength of the AB and balance of the letters together, the soft curviness of the by joining to it, using the ‘i’ to lift and inspire with a slight tilt to the digital ‘i’ age and the hand drawn dot making it personal and signature-esque. The day-glo pink speaks for itself. Bright clean fun, with a steely capability. So the cheerleading logo ...

byAbi logo

My logo was born, final artwork, pantones, typefaces. Simple and fun, but with an inner strength, personality and promotional agenda. And with that some stickers, postcards and more importantly -  a new freelance website and graphic design business in Suffolk.

byAbi Postcard


I am a freelance Website Designer, Logo Designer and Graphic Designer based in Suffolk. Contact me for more information.