Technology and its role in climate change

Internet DNA Podcast

Smart buildings, electric cars, renewable energy, it's all there so is it technology or the messaging and our habits that need to change? Technology in theory can help us clean up the mess we have made and prevent us from doing it again; but what about in practice? Which government will actually commit to saving our long term future over their short term goals - it seems a simple answer so why is no one doing it? Enter Greta Thunberg.

Or maybe the actual best solution to climate change is removing humans altogether... and perhaps farty cows - if we tasked an AI with solving climate change, would this be it's solution?

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Ethics in the Digital Age

Internet DNA Podcast/

Who should regulate the tech industry? Ethics is not black and white, silicon valley should ‘do no evil’ but who defines evil? It is a minefield and a polarising topic, why are a vast majority of people so verbally against wrong doing of a company but physically don't change their habits? Should we be offered what we want even if it is not what we need and who should decide? We discuss the differences of government versus self regulation, morals versus ethics, and how an ethical framework needs to be put in place… soon.

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