What's it all about?

Articles I have written about topics that have been on my mind - An insight into what makes me tick...(part 1)

Searching for the truth

Searching for the truth

Any colour as long as it’s grey

Is our quest for sophistication obscuring our need for colour?

As we sit on our sophisticated grey sofas swiping and pinching at our sophisticated grey technology to be brainwashed by the latest grey car ad. Magazines are filled with the latest grey fashions, and people chat about their aspiration new paint swatches… with the colour sucked out. I started to wonder when it all got so grey, has our quest for sophistication obscured our need for colour, and how long will this particular shadow last?

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Learning The Web Design Process

How to create the best for your client and stop a lengthy feedback process.

Having worked in the web industry for quite a long time, I often find myself training up young designers fresh from college. They have lots of flair and enthusiasm but there comes a point when it is time to move up to larger jobs that I realise they haven’t been taught the creative process from a commercial perspective. Although this does come with experience I find that learning this process early jumps them up to the next level faster. As I was training a very talented junior designer recently at our agency I thought it worth sharing my thoughts with others, it’s not a bad thing for us all to revisit once in a while.

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What’s it all about?

I was going to call this article ‘What is job satisfaction’, but the more I looked into it the more I realised it was more than just our jobs that create or destroy the satisfaction. 

So What is Job Satisfaction?

In fact what starts job-dissatisfaction, how does it creep in, it wasn’t there to begin with, is it routine, is it same old, is it the feeling of a dead end or brick walls, or the way we interact has gone stale?

Is it the work, the people, the structure, environment, and does job satisfaction ebb and flow like anything else, can we reinvigorate it, or is it out of our hands?

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Unproductive Creativity

Play to discover to be discovered

Recently I went to a great conference Reasons.to and the main gist was — be creative don’t worry about the outcome, end goal, reason, whatever. Just play, and by playing we discover things and by discovering things we are then in turn discovered.

As kids this is all we do, the process is fun and who cares where it leads us — usually to a crescendo of mess and colour and water and stick and stuff and how fun is that.. until mum comes along that is.

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Print isn't dead

It just got interesting

Although you must be mindful of trees - print still has a very vital role to play in any business where there is face to face contact with clients. The web has not pushed print out of the arena, it has just opened doors to make it more trackable, usefuland well thought out.

As the competition has gone from local to global, and with the advent of Estate Agents opening up branches across not just the country but the world, the stakes are much higher and it is no longer good enough to drop a few haphazard flyers through the door.

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