Creating Artwork for Emotion

From her studio in a remote cold war airbase in Suffolk, artist Abi Fawcus examines photographs of landscapes -  snapshots of nature that her mind's eye transforms into mental impressions to stimulate imagination, abstract memory and a compelling sense of place.

To capture the essence of reality in such simplistic form is Abi’s signature style; the corruption and re-mastering of nature into vivid yet simplistic impressions. Created from original photographs she uses a unique corruption process to form colour and structure which, when combined with mixed media techniques, imbue the original scene with a hypnotic quality.

pasted image 0.png

Stripping away the excess layers of reality and revealing the underlying aura of colour allows the brain to ‘feel’ not ‘work at’ viewing an image. 'Truly abstract' can be as hard to translate as a true likeness, but abstract resembling a place allows the brain to move directly to the middle ground; a feeling, said by some, of being drawn into the image. Once there, if the original is of a familiar place and while the eye and brain are captivated, memories have space to emerge sparking a sense of contentment.

This moment of a trance like state is both relaxing and enjoyable, a mindful moment in an otherwise distracted day.

At home the depth of these landscapes can be personal, but used in a commercial, healthcare or hospitality environment they evoke a sense of synchronicity reflecting the geographical context of the space, creating balance either through belonging or escapism, grounding the voyeur and imbuing in them a calm sense of being.

pasted image 0-1.png

The nuance of colour immediately changes mood, a Spring forest, Summer field or Winter seascape. And in the busy life we now lead perhaps this stripping bare, in a place - recognisable, yet not - is a mechanism to trigger a moment of meditation for our overactive brains to shed the complexities of the now… and relax.


I create Limited Edition Artworks and Location Specific Commissions for both Residential and Commercial Clients. Contact me for more information.