Abstract Artists worth discovering - if you haven't already (Part 2)

I never tire of looking at these guys work, a few of which I am lucky enough adorn my life greeting me in the morning or as I go about the day.. If you ever get a chance follow their instagram, get on their mail list and go and see them.

Ben Allen

Ben Alen

If I had the money for a mural it would probably be Ben. Always been a favourite, bright, brash and bold. I even stayed in a hotel room decorated by him, that was fun.

Free-spirited, UK based artist Ben Allen is most well-known for his controversial Pop paintings. Using a ‘collage’ style of unlikely juxtapositions, the dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that critiques the day-to-day dull and mundane, challenge the media's view on sexuality and inspire a sense of freedom.

@Benallenart (A really nice novel layout)


Hockney iPad Art

David Hockney

With his Photoshop and the iPad art David Hockney did a lot to give weight to digital art and launch it as just another art form at a time when the art world was sitting on the fence.






Peter Newman

Peter Newman

Best known for his Metropoly circular Cityscapes, but there is simple pleasure in his early Jetstream work and a unique take on landscapes - I love the the fact that he is always looking up.

Peter Newman has been making photographs, sculptures, paintings and videos that all address a human relationship to the sky. For him, looking upwards is an inherently optimist gesture and something he compares to thinking about the future. As the artist has said: ‘Gravity dictates the earth contains a buried past of dinosaurs and archeology, the surface reveals the activity of present daily life, but what is above is an empty field of possibility, a space in which to conceive and live the future.’


Michaela Latham

Michaela Latham

Bold unapologetic strokes of oil on canvas, abstract but so beautifully representative of the landscapes around her.

Michaela specialises in oil on canvas paintings. She is based on the exquisite Suffolk coast





Rob & Nick Carter

Rob & Nick Carter
Travelling Still

Painting with light, these abstract photographers are always reinventing themselves  with vivid colours that make me happy just by looking.

London-based husband and wife team Rob and Nick Carter work together to relentlessly explore the boundaries of photography, redefining possibilities and questioning tendencies, to create contemporary pieces that revolve around light, colour and form in many different mediums from painting and photography to light installations and film.



Natasha Kumar

I love Natasha’s work since I first saw it at The Affordable Art Fair many years ago. You can almost smell the sites and scenes of India in her picture, she captures the vividness with no pretense of such an awesome country.

Art and India are in Kumar’s genes. On her mother’s English side she comes from a line of established artists: her father’s Indian heritage she traces back to Kashmir and Afghanistan via stories of partition and lost family gold.





I am a digital abstract artist based in Suffolk.
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