Abstract Artists worth discovering (Part 1)

I go out of my way to discover abstract art, my husband kindly points out I only like stuff similar to mine. I wish!! Here is a list of my top abstract artists, so you can make your own mind up. 

Neil Canning

Screen prints and oil on canvas. Beautiful abstract landscapes with mood and depth to batter and imbue and lose yourself in.

A painter of the metaphysical, Neil Canning is in tune with the Cornish landscape. He seeks out its hidden depths, lines and curves: the places where the sea meets the land, where the sky meets the horizon and where the sun and the moon generate light. Canning’s work is paradoxical. The large physical impasto gestures and strong brushstrokes which slash their way through the element in his canvasses. Primordial elements are evoked, a shaded ochre land mass takes on the full force of a thermal current or a tidal surge in ‘Nature’s Drama.

Instagram: @neilcanningart


Biddy Hodgkinson


Biddy is an alchemist and a colourholic. Her way with the combination of metal oxides and thick oils is stunning.

The lessons we can learn from nature about our own mortality are filled with a set of surprising and often visually startling possibilities. Inspiration for her work comes from close observations of lifecycles and a  fascination for the beauty and luminosity in decay. Through painterly and alchemic techniques, she interprets the violent intensity and beautiful imagery we see in natural decay and mould by using harmful agents, such as acids, to erase and bleach away large swathes of colours, showing them in the context of their own negation as they would be in nature. She creates intriguing, sculptural and tactile surfaces on the canvas. As Wallace Stevens wrote, "death is the mother of beauty".

Instagram: @biddy.hodgkinson


Jo kernon


Beautiful work, especially right up close. I came across Jo’s work through exhibition at The Other Art Fair.

Jo Kernon paints abstract paintings in oil and watercolour; often large scale. The finished paintings show a long process of working with colour and form. The form, line and texture of the paint is quickly and intuitively done while layers of thin paint are applied over some months. This way of working builds the depth of perspective through colour fields which offer a dreamy landscape but can be interrupted by structures of lines, drips and other forms. The fields of colour lure the onlooker in and they are lead to sharp reminders of form and reality; the everyday. Some colours are meant to uplift, while others are intended for reflection and pause. Titles add poetic dimensions without being too prescriptive. The paintings experience a number of finalities in the process of their creation; bringing up the questions of endings and beginnings.

Instagram: @jokernon


Sally kelly


I came across Sally’s work in Padstow in Cornwall where I bought a wonderfully colorful landscape.





Caroline Hall

I love that Caroline paints pixels in oil. And also tube train journeys.

Her works show images that are glimpsed and fragmented, flickering across the surface of aluminium.

Instagram: @carolinehall.paintings




An American designer, technologist, author and artist in new media.

Joshua Davis has been a digital artist for as long as i can remember, waiting for new additions to praystation like the arrival of a new comic book each month back when I was starting out as a web design, and the web was starting out itself.

Instagram: @praystation



Julia Watson


A recent addition seeing Julia's work in Aldeburgh, pictures that made me feel happy to be alive.

Julia’s painting practice is concerned with colour, space and form. As a colourist her primary means of expression is through the exuberant application of colour. It speaks for itself, what she wants to say is formalised in the end result – the working process, the adding and taking away, much the same as the way we too are shaped, transformed and ultimately moulded by our experiences. It is her challenge to communicate her preoccupations with the human condition, with the self we become, the self we are left with when everything else is stripped away, and ultimately the sheer joy of being alive. These are familiar subjects; mortality, existence, time, and infinite space, expressed in a form of lyrical abstraction.



I am a digital abstract artist based in Suffolk.
Have a look at my gallery.