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Digital Art Commissions for the Hospitality Industry.


Nature stripped bare:  
How corruption, simplification and exaggeration transform landscapes into digitally remastered impressions.

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From her studio in a remote WW2 airbase in Suffolk, artist Abi Fawcus examines photographs of landscapes -  snapshots of nature that her mind's eye transforms into mental impressions to stimulate imagination, abstract memory and a compelling sense of place.

To capture the essence of reality in such simplistic form is Abi’s signature style; the corruption and re-mastering of nature into vivid yet simplistic impressions. Created from original photographs the artist uses a unique corruption process to form colour and structure which, when combined with mixed media techniques, imbue the original scene with a hypnotic quality.

Abi also works in data visualisation - an art form using data and code - to enable the weather to influence the pieces combining nature, technology and human influence to deliver unique work that reflects the geographical context of a hotel, restaurant or resort. Whether on the walls of a room, suite, restaurant or lounge, guests will know that they are somewhere special, somewhere they can shed the complexities of real life… and relax.

Sleep 2016 competition

From stand (no xx) at Sleep 2016 Abi will invite entries to a prize draw, the winner of which will receive their own commissioned piece. She will visit the winner’s location, discuss design, vision and finish, take location specific photographs, present finished samples and one final artwork. Entrants must be genuine hospitality industry decision makers.


Artist’s Statement

I create large abstract landscapes in simple bold colour from original photographs through a unique corruption process forming colours and structures which when combined with digital and mixed media techniques simplify -  by stripping away the excess layers of reality - and exaggerate - by revealing the underlying aura of colour - striving to ground the voyeur and imbue in them a calm sense of place. Using data visualisation techniques I also involve a live weather feed to influence the pieces giving them a collaborative outcome between nature, technology and human influence; drawing directly from the landscape, both visually and sensually, the technology used to corrupt the file and inject the weather and my input a little like a curator or choreographer arranging the information.

I always find it exciting to see a landscape that I think will translate well to my style, it may be a colour or shape combination, and with the corruption process they start to take on a life of their own. This may seem contrary to the skill of an artist guiding each stroke but

learning this technique is no different from learning to use a pencil, paint brush, charcoal, watercolour or oil paint, once mastered they become an extension of our creativity not the purveyor of it. As with any abstract pieces, the works looks like blocks of colour until explained and then the shapes become features and the colours become feelings that the mind can understand and associate with.


About the Artist

As we look back we can usually see what shaped our lives and art has always been around me. Add to that new landscapes and horizons moving every two years with my father's army postings giving me a freshness and excitement to that which was normal and routine for others. My school taught me drawing and history of art and sensible girls subjects but I liked big bold statements, intricate patterns, interesting structures and spatial positioning, I liked Dali, Mondrian, Warhol. My father and I had this thing together, he would take me to museums and galleries to see old Masters, I would take him to see new ones. Recreating real life wasn't my thing but it took time to discover what was. Something that dealt with colour, space and pattern, an abstract layout that helped people to make sense of the content and feel emotion or produce a reaction.

I took time out to study at Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Marseille and it was during my time in Marseille that focusing on the ordinary became extraordinary. Living in the foothills of Les Calanques - a 20km stretch of limestone cliffs rising out of the brilliant-turquoise Mediterranean sea - which effortlessly forge strong swathes of simple colour. On the other side was the eternally fascinating industrial wilderness of cranes, containers, ships, structures with a myriad of colour and pattern as they weathered and rusted from the sea at the ancient port. This juxtaposition cemented what I love about art - strong, unapologetic shapes and colour alluding to a moment in time in nature. It showed me that pattern is the building blocks of our world - framed by a lens you can create patterns from any formation - and that abstract only becomes abstract if you remove it’s structural context.


Artist’s Biography

Abi's childhood was punctuated by moving every two years due to her father's army commitments and from this stemmed her fascination with new horizons. Studying art & design at UWE, Bristol and Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Marseille before becoming a digital artist and visual interface designer – splitting her time between art and commercial design and between London and the Suffolk Coast where she lives with her husband, 2 young daughters and dog Midge.

Abi has exhibited in solo and group shows and events across Suffolk and London with work featured in a variety of publications including World of Interiors. She also carries out commission based work for private and commercial clients.



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