One brand or Two?

I often work with estate agents and Departments within an Estate Agent’s portfolio are sometimes diversely different in their outlook, process, marketing and in some cases brand identity. When asked recently the question ‘One brand or two?’ in reference to the visual identity of departments within an Estate Agent my reply was that one brand is always stronger and here's why:

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Becoming me

A step by step guide to creating my brand.

step 1. What name

Is a name important? I think the importance is in what it stands for, the birth of something that is yours and holds the key to your future. It’s a cross between naming your child and a pet; it has to feel comfortable to you, it has to suit them, it needs to resonate, be fit for purpose and place. It’s good to remember as well that you’ll be answering the phone with that name a considerable amount of times a day - so choose wisely.

Business names usually fall into 3 categories:

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