Choosing Art for Hotel Interiors

A piece of art is like a Mood Board, it has every aspect needed to stem the creation of an interior. The colour, location, artist, style, detail and depth.

With the new age of ‘creating experiences’ hotels more than ever need to tell a story and artwork is key to guiding the guest through this journey. Connecting people to a place, allowing them to explore, discover and feel part of the hotel experience be that reflecting the city it is in, the escapism it is offering, the sense of belonging or perhaps more striking the theme of an epoch.

Interior Designers wouldn’t think to bring the lighting, or furniture style in as a last minute addition and the same goes with art, it is integral to the seamless story with which we want to be removed from our day to day life.

A jar in the design will jog us back to reality, the list of things to do, the phone call we forgot to make, but a picture that we can lose ourselves in reinforces relaxation and sense of well being.


There are two options to art buying...

  1. Choosing off the shelf art.

  2. Commissioning bespoke pieces

Either way meet with artists as early on in the design process as is possible. Select a few artworks that may fit with the desired aspiration, and choose someone that can work to your brief, understands your vision and who’s style fits with the overall atmosphere of the concept.

As well as creative compatibility it is important to discuss the standard of finish - materials, framing and size - the artist is able to work to. Depending on the specification of the project the duress of the location may vary broadly.

Finally does the artwork talk to you?

At home the depth of an artwork can be personal, but used in a commercial space it must evoke a sense of synchronicity with the geographical context of the interior vision whilst creating a balance either through belonging or escapism, grounding the voyeur and imbuing in them a calm sense of place.


I create Limited Edition Artworks and Location Specific Commissions for both Residential and Commercial Clients. Contact me for more information.