What you need to know about GDPR

And how it’s not that bad for small businesses.

First of all let’s understand why we are being asked to do this large bit or red tape. To be honest, the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal couldn’t have come at a more opportune time to show why we need to understand the power of data — our own and other people's personal details — and the benefits of setting regulation to keep them safe. Of course no one wants their data to have been used in that scandal, we feel violated… but awakening us all to this new data currency is no bad thing.

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THE SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE TO AI - Artificial Intelligence (PART 1)

Or, Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses

AI or Artificial Intelligence is everywhere; all over the news, the papers, social media, whatever our information gathering platform of choice it is there.Within my industry mainly excitement, outside mainly fear, but there is one thing for certain it is coming. So how do we not only prepare but show our clients and customers we are a forward thinking, future embracing business?

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Technology is saving the lives of Refugees

We don't often put refugees and technology together, but maybe we should. Technology has got the power to transform the life of a refugee and in the more way than just one. It isn't facebook, twitter or snapchat that comes to the mind of a displaced person when they hear 'mobile phone', but a slither of hope and survival. 

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Women in Tech

What it is like to have worked in the tech industry over the last 20 years as a woman?

There was never any difference between me and my co-workers, I felt one of the team and as far as I am aware I was paid the going junior salary. Sadly this wasn’t so for those further removed from me, I did get harassment, put downs and plain right ignored but it was always from the older generation...

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When I’m not a digital Designer I’m a digital Artist

You guys know the merits of digital art, but back in Suffolk in the Dark ages of 2019 it was akin to blasphemy. All the same, my light-bulb moment came courtesy of PC World, when, late one December armed with my linux drive full of holiday snaps, I went down to transfer the files to my PC laptop. But £50 and one phone call later I was informed that they couldn’t transfer the files and that my hard drive was corrupted - this was worse than when Boots slapped 'Warning!' Stickers on my artful portraiture!...

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